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Meghan Madness

If you haven’t seen the show outlander, I suggest you watch it. Sure, the actors and actresses are surrounded by cameras, so the intimacy is hardly legitimate, but we are supposed to be paying attention to the story. Not the production. With that being said, yes, actual life romance novels exist. I live inside of one.

I think the main problem most relationships have today is quite literally today. This time is nothing but social media, technology, appearance, and we are all in the spotlight. We are all constantly trying to make everyone see us a certain way. We may…

Thus, Meghan was born

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I have been on this journey for a year and some change. I know what I’m doing. This is my platform. I shall reign supreme, and everyone on Medium will follow me! I was re-born November 29th, 1980-something and I was pre-destined to be the shit. I don’t like when people confuse me for anything less than perfection. My pronouns are she, is, the, best, and ever. Don’t mess that up.

My DNA is found in royalty

It’s true. I did the 23 and me test kit. When it came back, it told me that the test could not complete my DNA entirely because, if anyone…

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If you could imagine London in the 1600s, you might see many individuals spouting complete nonsense with little to no ridicule or question from society. it was a time one medical, scientific, moral, and even ethical standards were based off of opinions and hearsay.

Mary Toft lived fifty or so miles southwest of the city, in the market town of Godalming. She lived with her husband and three small children. I’m sure the weather was brutal, and the lack of work from her husband as a clothing designer caused her to be insensitive and hostile.

She was a larger framed…

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The only sex toys I ever used were dildos – vibrating ones, glass ones, etc. I am into pretty kinky stuff, like cages, bondage, and temp-play, etc., but I’ve never really explored the realm of toys until recently.

I always skim past the articles on Medium that mention sex toys, not because I’m not interested, but because I don’t like reading about products. I don’t know why; it’s weird. However, I saw something on Amazon when looking for a dildo, which changed my whole perspective. This thing is the most fantastic clementine-sized object I’ve ever owned. After buying my prized…

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If you lose this game of pool, you owe me $50. “Bet!” He said while I chalked my cue.

“Hey, Meg. If you lose, you have to walk through target in a full-latex sex suit with the mask.”

Now, if I were sober, I would’ve laughed and told him to fuck off. However, I was just sober enough to think about it, but drunk enough to agree. Not only agree, but I also bought the fucking suit on Amazon in the middle of a pool game. (Yes, I still have it.)

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I’m pretty sure all of us have had the thought of what we would do if we switched genders. I have a good idea of what I would do. And not that cliché shit about pissing in the snow or flailing my dick around like those inflated dancing assholes outside of car dealerships. No, oh no. I have much bigger plans for my penis.

9:00 AM

The first thing I would do as soon as I opened my eyes would be to admire my Morning wood. I’ve watched many of my boyfriends push it down like it was some kind of annoyance…

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Sometimes, we encounter problems in the bedroom. A problem that leaves us feeling unsatisfied, unloved, and even inadequate. Have you ever been with somebody, and the sex was so riveting, so passionate, that you couldn’t think anything could go wrong? And then, all of a sudden, your partner doesn’t climax? That’s called a problem. Unfortunately, the opposing party rarely sees it as something other than a stab at their physical appearance or performance.

It has happened to me quite often. My partner and I have explosive sex all the time, every day. I’m not kidding; it’s something out of the…

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A furry convention (also furry con or fur con) is a formal gathering of members of the furry fandom — people who are interested in the concept of fictional non-human animal characters with human characteristics. … As of 2017, the largest furry convention is Midwest FurFest in suburban Chicago, Illinois.

I went to Paw-con in San Jose in November of 2019. This is how the rest of my night ended.

We’re going where?

I am a big anime fan. And when I was invited to my first fur-con, I decided to dress up as a cat. I know, cliché, whatever. Aside from foxes…

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Being free means what exactly? The condition or right of being able or allowed to do, say, think, etc., whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited: That’s the definition of being free. It’s hard to believe that anyone can call themselves sexually free nowadays. Straight people, the LGBTQ community, people with kinks, fetishes, opinions, etc., are all judged in one way or another. So, how can you be sexually free if there is always an ongoing battle to belittle and condemn your sexual preferences?

I am a bisexual white woman, and I am anything but free. My Christian…

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While I don’t have a penis, I have one of the corresponding parts that fit with one, so I definitely have a say in what feels good. Obviously, men and women have their own likes and dislikes. Still, the suggestions or radical opinions are conclusions based upon my interests, my partner’s interests, and hundreds of posts and articles I’ve read from men and women alike. And from all of the personal experience, and data on the Internet I have collected, these suggestions seem to be worth considering.

1. Thrust mode

Soft and slow, fast and hard, there are various methods of having sex…

Meghan Madness

I Write about Sex💋Humor🤪and Life🌎Founder of Dirty Little Secrets 😈I Want to stimulate all your senses. Proud Mother, Writer, and nympho.

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