5 Ways Wake up Happy And Stay Happy Throughout The Day

Let your stresses sleep in while you wake up and seize the day

As soon as you open your eyes, your mood will determine your attitude for the rest of the day.

Just like starting a healthy diet or a vigorous workout routine, initiating a robust wake-up schedule is beneficial for your mental health and your physical health.

Before I had my daughter, as soon as my eyes open, I would jump out of bed and get to work, whether it be scanning social media, frantically cleaning, or stressing over issues that did not need to be stressed over. I had to do something to change my routine; my hectic mornings were causing me to be extraordinarily irritable and unproductive.

These are the steps that I have been taking that have drastically improved my life. We are not robots; we shouldn’t lay down to charge our batteries, and then wake up and wear ourselves down.

1. Go to sleep happy

Going to sleep happy, is just as important as waking up happy. It sets the standard of your mood, which allows you to get more restful sleep so that you can eliminate any tiredness or moodiness when you wake up.

Most nights, I would stay awake so that I could refresh my social media every 2 minutes to see if anyone liked my posts. Or, I would scan my timelines for any content I disagreed with, so I could angrily debate with strangers until 3 am.

There are many ways to prepare for sleep in a positive way. I prefer to read my poetry books and sip tea. Or, I’ll lay in bed in silence with nature sounds playing. Whatever the method is, ensuring that you go to sleep happy and stress-free, is #1 on the list for a happier you in the morning.

Here are some other great ways to soothe yourself before bedtime.

Turn on the tunes

Soothing music is called so for a reason because it relaxes your mind. Sometimes, before bed, I will put on soft Celtic music and just exist in my dwelling, no phone, no tv, no distractions. It has helped me calm down and focus on the act of being still, instead of stressing over the day.

Studies have shown, in children as young as two, have benefited from listening to music before bed. Other subjects reported better sleep after listening to music 45 mins before going to sleep.

Every night before bed now, I make sure to have background music while I prepare for my nightly ritual. It has made such a substantial difference, and I have zero desire to go back to not benefiting from peaceful nighttime tunes.


When our day has been cram-packed with chores, stresses, and troubling thoughts, its best to find an outlet of release before bed. Journaling is one of my favorite methods of channeling my anxiety out of my body and on to paper.

About an hour before bed (with my music playing in the background), I break out my notebook and start to write down everything that bothers me, kind of like an adult diary. I use a notebook instead of my laptop or phone because I have found that straying away from electronics before bed has drastically reduced my stress levels before bed.

Another excellent plus from bedtime journaling is that I can keep a log of all my thoughts and concerns, and use them later for things such as, blogging ideas, and having a record of my feelings to analyze later on.


I have found that stretching upon waking, has not only improved me physically. It also enlightens my mood and clears my mind.

Each morning, before I get my tea, I sprawl out on my bedroom rug and stretch out like a starfish. Doing basic stretches early in the morning has been a part of my routine for a few years now.

And with good reason, it’s the capability to use your body as a stress eliminator instead of using devices.


Daydreaming isn't just for the daytime, silly! Daydreaming about happy things is a great way to focus your mental energy on reducing stress.

I have found it to be relaxing when I lay back and close my eyes and just focus on the things that I enjoy. When I fantasize about nature and places I’ve traveled, it has calmed me down quite a bit.

Daydreaming is a mental workout, but not the kind of exercise that would propel your brain to keep you awake. Practicing the art of daydreaming is a great way to train your brain to focus on specific tasks, the task being self-soothing before bed.

Take a bath

This is my favorite; I have written an article where I created a form of meditation from bathing. If I could name one thing in life that has improved every aspect of my existence, it would be bathing.

There have been lots of studies behind the ideas of bathing promoting healthy sleep. Ancient Japanese techniques point to hot water soaking for stress relief as well.

Relaxing in a hot bath with your favorite book or soundtrack is a comforting way to escape the energetic world around you. I have taken a bath each morning, and each night, for the past two years to self soothe. It has been a lifesaver.

2. Put the phone down

Seriously, just put it down. You don’t need to scroll through Facebook for ten more minutes; you don’t need to check your emails, everything will be there tomorrow.

I would spend hours a night scanning the internet like it was hiding the secrets of life. In my bed, phone brightness all the way up, dedicated 100% to losing lots of precious sleep.

Technology is an addiction – we plug ourselves in, and that’s it, we check out of reality. However, the reason screen time reduces your chance at a restful sleep is that the usage of smartphones, laptops, or what have you, before sleep, messes with your internal clock. It blocks the release of melatonin and makes it more problematic to fall asleep.

I will put my devices away at least an hour before bedtime (when I begin my new ritual that consists of tea time in the bath while listening to Celtic music.) By the time I hit the hay, my body and mind are already relaxed and ready to snooze.

I have found over the past few years that by limiting my screen time before bed, I now fall asleep in a fraction of the time as before, and it has promoted lasting sleep since I desensitize my brain beforehand.

Which has improved my mood in the morning. I wake up feeling refreshed and happy.

3. Change your routine

Changing your routine before bed can help deteriorate habits that cause you to wake up disgruntled.

For example, every night for close to 15 years, I had the same routine. Grab a soda, put on a show while scanning the internet, debate with angry strangers, then crawl into bed and, well, not fall asleep for hours. I decided to change my habits. One, because I have a toddler who takes away enough of my sleep, and two, because I couldn’t handle the stress of waking up exhausted anymore.

So I altered my entire process before bed.

First, I replaced the soda with a calming tea or hot lemon water. Then, I swapped Netflix for Celtic music. My couch, was changed to a warm bath, and my internet trolling was reduced to allowing myself to be calm without those distractions. And boy, has that worked. I have been getting to sleep within 10 mins after calming myself, and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night – therefore, waking up well-rested, and happier.

4. Wake up and be goofy

Sounds goofy right? That’s because it is. Every morning when I wake up after stretching, I will look in the mirror and make goofy faces at myself or do a little happy dance. The amount of pleasure I found from just feeling silly was unimaginable. Who would think that being an adult, all you need to do sometimes it’s just let loose and give the reigns to your inner child.

There’s a reason why we laugh at silly movies, why funny videos put us in a good mood. The reason why children are so cheerful is that they find comfort, and amusement in silliness. So, why can’t we?

At first, I thought it was kind of strange, but I decided to try it out because of the research behind what joyous activity can do for your mental state. Each morning for a few weeks, I woke up, and after stretching, I went up to my mirror and started making funny faces at myself and dancing. It immediately put me in a goofy positive mood.

5. Don’t use a phone alarm

Using a phone alarm will just prompt you to wake up and look at your phone.

Instead of using your phone alarm, just get one of those cheap plug-in alarms. Not only will it keep you from checking your social media as soon as you wake up, but it will eventually train your brain to not focus on social networking when you wake up.

Most nights before I go to bed, I power my phone down, and stash it on the other side of the room. Instead of having my phone close to me, I replace it with my journal, or whatever book I am currently reading. This has helped me avoid phone use.


Our lives are compacted continuously with struggles and stressors, that won’t ever go away as long as we are human. However, we can curb the anxiety, and can put a severe dent in our sleep deprivation caused by stress.

While technological advances in today’s culture have exceeded extraordinary lengths in many aspects of our lives, we have to remember to take it in small doses.

Sleep is a necessity for our ability to function; without rest, we may as well just be angry robots.

Remembering to treat your body and your mind in the same manner that you were treat and respect, say, your cell phone, is the least we owe ourselves.

We have to change our routine if we want to experience a more restful sleep, which in turn, permits a happier awakening. A happier awaking, promotes positive energy versus negative energy. Since having changed my routine, morning and night, and adapting to other methods of soothing myself instead of electronics, I have benefited in unimaginable ways. I wont ever go back. It’s hard to break the cycle we are used to, much like smoking, once you quit you may feel anxious, but give it a few days and you will feel much better.

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